Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What my week has been like......

Again I apologize for not posting regularly yet...

Still working on getting organized... (big task)

Hubby started his new job this week, and so far so good.. Except the hr travel to it.
Kids are doing really well with the Homeschooling so far... very impressed. 

Starting with a Homeschool Co-op tomorrow, and very excited to have the kids make some new friends.

Having a hard time being away from friends, especially with them having such a hard time right now...

Visiting with old friends is relaxing...

Missing my phone calls, (cell towers in the sticks are not so friendly)

Made lots of baked goods, my mom says I'm domesticating her... 

The cold is a bit much to handle at once... brrr!! 28 degree's this morning when I got up!

My middle monkey is turning 7 a week from tomorrow!!!!! 

Excited to decorate for fall! Love how the weather puts me in the mood. 

Van had some issues this week, that caused me to have a bit of a break down mentally...but i'm over it. 

Just hate how everything happens all at once! UGH!

Miss talking to my twitter friends... hope everyone is having a fabulous week! 


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