Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday thoughts…



As I sit here with my little monkey watching Scooby-doo, and wandering what my other two monkey’s are doing with Grandma today… (we will see them in 8 days) and smelling my roast in the crockpot.

I was just rattling some thoughts around in my brain and thought I’d share.

I was wandering around in Target the other day… Little Monkey wanted to see “the piggies”. She has this obsession with real piggy, piggy banks. Its rather cute! Right now Target has these piggy banks that are dressed in Halloween costumes, they are rather adorable….. Any who, back to my point. We were going through the Halloween costumes. She was pointing out the ones she likes, and we were commenting on some. I started to feel a bit guilty, cause I knew we can’t afford to buy new ones this year. Between moving, and a few bills, my other daughters birthday it just won’t happen. I think, Halloween can be such a fun and imaginative time. However, it drives me crazy how much they charge for the lamest of costumes. We some some for 5-8 yr olds for $30!! That is INSANE! Doesn’t even include some of the extras you need to complete the look. Why do they need to cost that much??? As a parent how can I feel ok paying $70-90 for 3 costumes that are worn for one day??

Well, we put ours in a trunk of dress up clothes, and they continue to play with them all year long, but still. I can’t even think about paying that amount.. So not this year, or even any year will I.

We either buy them on clearance after Halloween the year before, or we come up with something from what we have at home. Does that make me a bad mom?? No, I don’t think so, just frugal and imaginative.

What will we do this year??? Well, they are going to have to dig into their trunk of past ones, and see what they can come up with. The good part? We will be in a different state, in our new home, so no one, except maybe my mom (who I may have sent pic’s to in the past) will remember or even know they are past costumes.

What do you do to cut down on the cost of costumes?? Do you make your own?? Buy?? Go to a online store that is cheaper?? Or not go out???

I’m curious….

Thanks for listening to me…


trisha said...

I have one child so i guess i get to spoil her a little more, but i bought her a $100 belle costume from disney. A special edition, last year.

I dont regret it..we went to disney world and i got pics of her in front of the castle w/ it on and its now in her closest, but it was such a beautiful memory.

Staci said...

We usually make our costumes. I'm definitely too cheap to spend a huge amount of money on something they'll wear once. The few times we have bought costumes, they've been from a consignment shop. A lot of times, you'll find great deals there!

EcoMom said...

My daughter is still too young to know, but when she gets to the real age of costumes, I plan on making the majority of them myself. I found some really good ideas and I collected the best in my blog Using the dress-up trunk to make new ones sounds like a great idea to me!

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