Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sportsmen Ship

The Mud Dogs season is in full swing. Tonight we had a game in solon against a madison team. Unfortunetly, their team didn't not have enough players show to play a game. So, our team showed awesome sportsmen ship and some went over to their team to play, so the game could go on. Everyone on our team asked to play on theirs. In the end Hunter, Cade C, and Nathan, were chosen to go play for them. Therefore, in this game everyone got to play on both teams the whole game, cause we had just enough players for both teams. Pretty amazing I must say! Hunter did so good this game as well. He hit everytime he was up to bat! I mean really hit, not just bunt like he usually does. It was so amazing to watch his face, each time he hit that ball. He loves the new bat I got him a few weeks ago, now there is not a game we don't use it! I must say, I was a bit confused which team I was suppose to be routing for though... The Mud Dogs, or Bobs Cash Fuel, as Hunter was playing for them! :) The madison team plus a few of our players in the end won. It was a great game. They all did a fantastic job tonight. I can really see the improvement in all the players as they play each game. It is just awesome to watch. I love it! I'm so proud of this team to step up like that and play, so they could just play the game. Wonderful Job Mud Dogs!!!

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Stinson Family said...

I love that age, where it doesn't matter what team your on as long as you get to play. While I was in Florida I went to some games and they are so fun to watch. There faces are just so precious after hitting the ball or running the bases.