Wednesday, May 28, 2008


My day started at 5:30am.... Hunter and I got up and got ready to head out the door. We were off to Waterville to the Thayer Hospital........ As many of you know Hunter has problems with his ears. Today we had to go have the tubes removed from his ears. The tube in the right ear, was being rejected... and it decided to go back into the ear, instead of going out of his ear, like it should be. His doctor said this was the frist case of this he had seen in 15 yrs. Of course leave it to my son!!! We decided to remove the left one at the same time, just to be on the safe side. We arrived at the hospital at alittle after 7am... as I like to be early. (or atleast try to be most days) They called us in to get him preped for surgery... He got in his Johnny, and climbed up on the bed. The nurse came in to take his vitals, brought him the usual coloring book, and stickers. Hunter says.... Can I please have my doll now? She looked alittle confused, so I had to tell her he meant the dolls they give them after surgery.. Hunter is an old pro at this, so he wanted to see which one he was getting this time. We already have birdie, leafy, and this one he named red boy! Although, at frist it was rhino pottamous... :) (gotta love his imagination) Then we sat there and chatted for a few minutes. Hunter looked at me square in the eyes and said. "Mom I think that i am the bravest boy in the whole world... I don't need you to come in with me today" I almost started to cry... What he meant for any of you that don't know... is that a parent is allowed to go in the operating room with them, while they are put to sleep. He didn't need me to go in this time. It put my mind to ease that i had truely started to raise a remarkable boy, who is indeed a big brave boy.. (even with his emotional moments) I was so proud of him at that very moment. He was really good except he started to get cranky cause they took very long about getting us in for some reason. They finally took him in for surgery at 9:45, two hours later, mind you he still hadn't eaten breakfast so he was dying to eat! Surgery only takes 10 mins... He was back with me at 10:30 after being in recovery for about a half hour. He came back with a big smile, and an orange popsicle. Happy to be able to eat something. Then he got dressed and we headed home. I would like to say we won't have to go back to do this again, but I'm afraid that this will probably not be likely, as he is so prone to ear infections. But I am hoping for the best this time. So, please keep him in your prayers, as I hate to see my little man in so much pain.

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Stinson Family said...

Yes, it is no fun to see them in pain. Too cute about his doll. Your a brave mom for not going in with him and letting him be a big boy. That can't be easy for you either. I hope you the best with this!