Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Well, here we are already in the 11th day of the month... and its Mother's Day. It makes me think about how special we all are. I have the most beautiful kids in the world. They are so special and unique in their on way. Hunter came home friday with a huge smile on his face, was just priceless. He was carrying a flower, that was for me. He was so proud. Rachel came home on thrusday with a drawing she painted for me, with a cute saying on it. That made us all laugh so hard. She was very proud of herself too. Its wonderful to watch their faces, when they give you those heartfelt gifts. :) Sage isn't in school, so she just gave me a big hug, and told me she loved me. Which was just as precious as always. It was a nice day.... Not only was it Mother's day, it was Andrew's birthday as well. Every few years it falls that way. Due to the fact I was helping my dad today, Andy had to make his own birthday cake. :( On Friday, the kids and I had gone to the store and picked out his present. They were so good about not telling him what we got either. (which I was really surprised about) The faces were beaming! It was so cute, watching them anixously waiting for him to open it. I think all and all, it was a good day. I was very happy with it. Good Day for all! :)

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