Friday, March 21, 2008

Thank Goodness its friday!

Friday is finally here. Slow going this week, as it has been a long week. I'm exciting for the weekend to be here. Though, it may be filled with lots of stuff to do! Easter is almost here. Our kids already got their big present, if you look below to the new puppy! :) Of course we got them a couple of small items for the day, but they seem to be pretty happy with just the puppy. Anywho, I got off track. Today is filled with lots of errands. I was suppose to volunteer at my sons school today for their winter carnival...but it is way to windy out there so it was canceled. I think he is going to be a bit disappointed. :(
So instead I now get to go help my brother in-law with his built up collection of returnables, from last year! Like 20 or so bags... should be interesting. Lily is off to a puppy play date with her sister Moxie, and to get a nice bath, to smell oh so pretty! Then I have to go to fairfield to pick my husband up from school. To rush home for Rachel, and go to a baseball sign-up for the kids. After which I am off to my weekly friday night Scrapbooking class. I love to scrapbook. It is a great relaxing project that you get to reminiss over pictures of the past. Then you have a nice book to show off when you are done. Myself, I'm making a book for each child to have of their childhood memories.. I think it will be nice when completed. So, there you have my friday in a nutshell. ;) Hope you all have a good friday yourself.

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