Thursday, March 20, 2008


Were to begin... Well, I'm new at this so bare with me. I wanted to just kinda give you a family update. Things are going pretty good here. Andy is finishing up his last year at kvcc, and is graduating in may.....(or so we hope) He is exciting and ner vous to embark on this new adventure in our life. Hunter is almost done his frist year of school. Wow, can you believe it?? I mean were does the time go? I can't believe how much has past this year. He is so big, and helpful. He is really a big treasure here sometime. Hunter has learned so much this year. I hope that he knows how proud of him, i am. Rachel is so big now. Preschool is doing really well for her. She enjoys the time with her friends. She is a very smart little girl. Unfortunetly due to her birthday being so late in october, she can't start kindergarten this upcoming year. I'm looking to homeschool her, but have not made any final decisions. Sage has just recently turned 3 and exploring it very well. Pushing limits and learning to see how far she can get. The girl is so full of life, its amazing. She brings so many smiles to my day. As challenging as she can be.... its fun! With spring approaching we are gearing up to start spring sports. As our family loves to be outside. I'm starting a new Tee-ball team for preschoolers thru the Rec department here in Embden. I'm looking forward to that, and the girls can't wait to start. Hunter is graduating to big boy baseball, that is coach pitched this year. He is also very excited for that to start. There you have our spring update. Hope this finds everyone healthy and happy! :)

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