Thursday, March 20, 2008

A new puppy!

I finally got brave! My kids have been bugging me for a new puppy. We always told them no, as we really had no place for one at the time. Since we moved last fall, they kept on us. Hunter my oldest asked again in the fall, and I said when we finish moving maybe. So, I found that we had to give in. An oppurtunity arose, and I couldn't just stand by any longer. As an early easter present the kids got an 8 week old black lab puppy. A week early! :) Her name is Lily, and she is a very cute puppy. She is pretty well behaved, although we are going thru the chewing stage right now. This is my frist dog in my life, so it is taking some getting used to. She is pretty mellow... our friend got her sister who is the exact opposite. Lily and Moxie like to get together for play dates.

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