Wednesday, November 13, 2013

TOS Crew: French Essentials Review


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I remember my French class back in the day. I had such a hard time remembering the words. I was not very good at pronouncing them either. My kids love to learn new languages, its great to see them succeed so well. We have been doing a bit of Spanish the last year, so we were excited to review French Essentials. Where I received the Full Access Online Program for one year.


How it works:

French Essentials is an online-based program developed by French teachers. This program is designed for the home learners of the world. You download lessons to teach, which is all in step-by-step plans. You don’t need previous knowledge of French. Which was great for me! Smile All and all it really covers all types of learners as well with audio, video, and writing.

However, there are some system requirements for this:


  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Adobe Reader



  • Quick Time
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Adobe Reader


*You can download all of the above for free.


They do recommend that your child is in third grade before they start the program. There currently only 5 Modules available.

This is how it goes:

  • Grades 4/5 – 7/8 – Modules 1-5
  • Grades 8/9 – Modules 5 & 6
  • Grades 10/12 – Modules 7-10


My two kids that are in 3rd and 6th grade both started from the beginning and they did great! We have made it to lesson 8. You can have your child take a placement test, if you want to see where they should start.


This is all straight forward when it comes to purchasing. Not hard at all. After you have purchased it, you can log in and start. I downloaded all the lessons and worksheets for the first few lessons. I also printed a check list to keep us on track. You can also download the answer key.



Overall Opinion:


I really liked this program. I think that is very straight forward, love that they have the audio, so my kids can hear how it is pronounced. That really is a huge help when your kids are doing a foreign language. Both my kids really have succeeded well with this program.


I think this was a very well thought out program, and we are anxious to continue.




For 5 modules that make up this program, you can purchase them individually for $69.95. You have 90 days to download the lessons and workbook. If you purchase the full access you save over 50%, that can be done for $149.95. This gives you access to over 90 lessons, and you have a year to download all modules.





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