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TOS Crew: A+ Tutorsoft, Inc. Review

Math is a tricky thing at our house. We have some kids that just get it, and others that struggle with some areas. Middle Monkey is the one I thought would benefit from this particular review. She is my can’t sit still, while listening and learning. However, for some reason when she is in front of the computer she does great! A+ Tutorsoft, Inc makes this wonderful math program.  I’m sure your asking what makes A+ Interactive Math stand out against the rest.
For starters A+ Interactive Math is a multi-sensory math program. It helps all learning types, Audio, Visuals, and text. Which is great if you have children that all learn different. Or even a child that learns better from a few different types. I know Middle Monkey is Audio, and Visual.

Homeschoolers have the three choices to choose from:

I choose to go with the physical CD premium edition. I like to have the hard copies of things, just incase. Then if for some reason we lose internet, my children can’t say “oh, to bad can’t do my math today” kind of thing. (Yes, my older two would totally do this) Plus, I have another younger child that will be going into 3rd grade math half way into next year. I love when I can use a program for more than one child.

Not sure which one your would like to use? You can view a free demo, and try a free month. Along with this you can use their Math Placement Test, if you are not sure where your child should be.

What is included on your CD version:
  • There is 15 Sections your child goes over, you can see the list of contents here.
  • Contains a Full year of curriculum
  • Worksheets Pack (with printable worksheets)
  • Worksheet solution guide
  • Exams Pack (with Printable exams)
  • Exams Solution guide
  • Recommended Lesson Plans
  • Reference Sheets

How did we use it?
When we received the CD, I popped it right in, and installed it. This process was very easy. All you need is a computer that runs Microsoft Windows (xp, vista, 2000, or Windows 7).
Once it was installed, she hopped right on and got busy. I love how the video’s really show and explain everything they are trying to teach you. If you haven’t looked at the demo you really should. This really shows you how the program looks. The best part, if they don’t get it, all they have to do is re watch it.
You can follow the suggested lesson plan, or you can pace your child yourself. Since Middle Monkey has difficultly in some areas, therefore we couldn’t stay with the lesson plan since it was a bit fast paced for her. Once she went through a lesson, at the end it gives you a interactive question and answer part. The question is asked, and then they give you multiple choice answers. If you get it right, it says “Good Job” and moves on. When they are answered incorrectly it says “I’m sorry, that is incorrect” but it doesn’t just leave it at its incorrect. It then gives you a review of that skill, and presents the correct answer. I really do love that it doesn’t just go on to the next question. Gives you the chance to really go back over it.
I had Middle Monkey also do the worksheets that go along with the particular lesson. At the end of each lesson there is also an exam. The exams have roughly 20-40 questions. For Middle Monkey I think the exam is a bit overwhelming, so we haven’t done one yet, however I did look at it briefly.

Middle Monkey’s thoughts:
She really enjoyed this math. Before A+ Interactive Math, we were struggling with math. She is not the type of child that you can set the book in front of her, and ask her to do the problems.
She loved that it had video’s to show you the different concepts. Since she has started with this program, we have not had many complaints about using it. She says its FUN!

My thoughts:
I am a huge fan of the interactive questions, that they are done in such a manner that the child does not get so frustrated. I also love that this is a full curriculum, not just a helper in addition to your regular curriculum. Another huge plus for me is that I can pass it down to my next child. Being that we are one income family, ways to cut costs are always a big hit with me.

This program would also be great if you have a independent child. Middle Monkey is very independent when it comes to some things. I was able to show her how to navigate and print her worksheets, so she could do most of the things herself. I still peaked every now and again, to make sure she was really listening.

The 3rd Grade Standard CD is $99
The 3rd Grade Premium CD is $124.99
The 3rd Grade Math Online is $124.99 for full year, Quarterly $49.99, or Monthly $19.99
Overall we really recommend this to any family looking for a Math program. Best part, you can get 50% off! That really makes some great deals!
A+ Interactive Math is offering my readers 50% off at the Checkout using this code SPOFFER50 until the end of March 2013!!!!

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*Disclaimer: I was given the 3rd Grade Premium CD for free in exchange for my honest review as part of the TOS Crew. All opinions are 100% mine or my monkeys.

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